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Introduces exclusive & effective treatment methods which allows the Professional an OPTIMAL customization of services, and are transmitted through widespread and well organized products compilation & treatment methodology.

Votre “ For Professionals “ introduces exclusive & effective treatment methods which allows the Professional an OPTIMAL customization of services, and are transmitted through widespread and well organized products compilation & treatment methodology.

In a sector that is so dynamic and forward looking, and at the same time characterized by an extremely high number of competitors. The product mix, effectiveness, safety & training on different levels with qualified teachers and experts undoubtedly represents an additional element of DISTINCTION for VOTRE.

Votre offers a complete dedicated skincare solution for professionals.

Skin concern

  1. Hyper Pigmentation /Skin lightening
  2. Under eye (Dark Circle, Puffiness & Fine lines)
  3. Anti pimple, acne & breakouts
  4. Microdermabrasion
  5. Oil control & Open pore
  6. ”White Essence “Whitening, Brightening & Glowing
  7. ”Reversing time”:-Anti aging & Anti Wrinkle
  8. Anti tanning
  9. Detoxifying/Detox
  10. Body shaping & body Cellulite
  11. Body & back polishing
  12. Breast Tightening & uplifting
  13. Hand & Foot care

1) HyperPigmentation /Skin lightening

Votre hyper pigmentation treatment is designed with 100% natural/Botanical ingredients further enriched with Active molecules that penetrates deep into the skin & work from the root cause to regulate the activity of melanin (The Reason for hyper pigmentation).The treatment leaves your skin refresh &smooth.

Daily home care is recommended to leave your skin smooth, even & lighten.

2) Under eye

(Dark Circle, Puffiness & Fine lines)

Specific treatment to improve nourishment and elasticity of tissue around the eyes treating dark circles, puffiness &fine lines.

3) Anti pimple, acne & breakouts

A natural blend of ingredients in combination designed to treat the breakouts& further prevent them.  The combination is rich in AHA derived from fruits that further act asAntioxidants .The treatment reduce the root cause of breakouts while treating the existing one.

4) Microdermabrasion

A premium luxury skin polishing treatment that leaves your skin nourished & looking years younger. The micro crystals works on the patches, wrinkles, and spots to clear them leaves your skin moist,hydrated,clear& shining like ever before. The compilation of products of all products compliments the look on you.

5) Oil control & Open pore

A water based product line that helps to control excess oil & acts on treating them too. The natural blend of herbal extract & molecules provide hydration & prevent the sebaceous gland from excess secretion of oil .The molecules travel into the skin treating the pores & controlling the excess oil. The treatment is enriched with natural extracts that slowly control the oil glands and make you feel good.

6) White Essence “Whitening, Brightening& Glowing

Blends of special range of products infused with lightening ingredients, Vitamin C that instantly show skin lightening /fairness effect. A complete range is designed to complement its use.

7) Anti aging& Anti Wrinkle

”Reversing time” At Votre we make youbelieve that the clock will tick backward for you. Designed with active molecules, botanical extracts, this clinically research treatment will leave you feeling younger&radiant. The treatment is designed looking at various factors responsible for Pre-mature aging & wrinkles.

8) Anti tanning

Ideally suitable for skin exposed to sun. The treatment offers products rich in hydrating and restoring skin‘smoisture loss due to exposure to sunlight,  further preventing discoloration.

9) Detoxifying/Detox

Detoxifying treatment is designed for dead & dull skin.It is an ideal treatment to flush out impurities & clean the pores. Ideal for people who travel a lot & hardly get to take care of their skin. The treatment is infused with water based product that cleans the skin & and leaves it hydrated, clean &clear.

10) Body shaping &body Cellulite

A special treatment designed to bring back your curves.

Votre Cellulite treatment is designed with products enriched with herbal extract, active molecule & carrier oils.The treatment offers the innovative infusion of ingredients that penetrates deep into the skin & works on cellulite prone area & skin. This treatment is especially designed for shaping up your body & prevents the ripples and bumps under the skin due to the formation of fat cells.

11) Body & back polishing

A SPA treatment to pamper yourself with luxurious 100% natural body scrubs,wraps & butters. The treatments bring back your supple skin making you feel rejuvenated & fresh.

12) Breast Tightening & uplifting

A premium treatment enriched with perfect blend of ingredient with 100% safety standards .This make it suitable to be used even during Pre & Post pregnancy. The products are enriched with natural extract & premium oils that work on the glands to bring back the lost elasticity & nourish the breast. (sagging caused due to weight loss, weight gain & lactation).

Ideally for loose /sagging breast.

13) Hand & Foot care

A special care for your hand & feet with product enriched with butters,premium oils & exfoliator.